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Copper or Silver?

The prices of my work are based on what’s needed to create a piece (in terms of materials) and also the time it has taken to make, copper jewellery takes longer to make because I have to treat it a few times. It is one of my favourites to work with as its so versatile. All my tumble stones, cabochons, and beads are all top quality gemstones from reputable suppliers. This also applies to my wire.

Will I go green??

We all know copper can discolour the skin, but hear me out 🙂

I do lacquer all my jewellery, not only to protect it from chipping but also to stop it rubbing off on your skin. Our skin has natural oils that can discolour jewellery over time, so I try to prolong this as much as possible. 

Fear not, it’s safe to wear copper, and good for you!

I like to solder copper to make more solid jewellery and keep their shape, as you cannot always do this with wire alone. I then patina the copper to make it look less orange and more antique. This then leads to buffing the metal and then lacquering it to keep it from changing colour and protect it from scratches. Personally, I love copper and think it looks amazing with labradorite and bright stones.

Silver is more pricey and you cannot solder it without discolouration unless its sterling or fine silver. This is because the rest of the wires contain copper. Silver looks amazing and I use a variety of silver wires like silver colour copper, sterling, silver filled, silver plated, the list goes on 🙂

Silver Plated or Silver Filled? What’s the difference?

I always get asked this so thought I’d write a section :D.

The silver-plated wire has a fine coating of silver over the top of copper wire. I like to lacquer it too so it lasts longer without getting chipped or discoloured. Silver filled is a thicker layer of silver on-top of copper, which is usually around 30 percent of the wire.

Please keep an eye out to see more copper in my winter selection 🙂 I am also waiting to receive my Ethiopian opals so these will look fab once they are wrapped.

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