Black Goldstone & Labradorite Necklace


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Sterling & Silver filled wire
  • Nickel Free: Yes
  • Stone: Black goldstone cabochon, labradorite bead, and crystal beads
  • Closure: Lobster clasp
  • Necklace Length/ Material: 20″ Silver plated
  • Adjustable length: No
  • Gift wrapped: Gift box


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This rare black goldstone cabochon is wrapped in eco silver and quality silver filled wire labradorite and glass beads.

Black Goldstone 

While coming in many colours, it’s most popular, and common variations are orange, reddish, and of course, gold with black being rarest. It has a unique glittering and translucent surface.

Goldstone is believed to be the stone of ambition and aspiration. It fills you with energy, courage, and optimism so that you can achieve all that you want to accomplish in your life. It’s also known to increase your drive to accomplish any task. It’s a very soothing and healing stone that will promote vitality, especially on days when you feel like you can’t go on.

This stone is known to help the throat, thyroid, and tonsils and inflammation, mainly arthritis, and rheumatism. 


There are many qualities of Labradorite. It is a mystical stone and provides good luck, protection, lucid dreaming, insight, enhanced psychic abilities, intuition, and dispelling negative energies. This stone is known for taking darker and unwanted energies and replacing them with positive energies.

In traditional Hindu belief systems, labradorite is associated with the throat chakra, also known as vishuddha, which is the centre of purification. The throat chakra is associated with hearing, speech and self-expression.

Wearing labradorite is thought to contribute to communication between the spiritual and physical world, helping its wearer to recall dreams and experiences from past lives. It is therefore thought to help bring out psychic abilities.

Emotionally, Labradorite calming and harmonizing effect, which is said to help those who anger easily. It also helps clear one’s intuition.


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